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JONES Comprehensive Solution for Charging Pile Heat Dissipation and Sealing

Comprehensive Solution for Charging Pile Heat Dissipation and Sealing

Charging piles have experienced rapid growth as a vital component of the new infrastructure strategy, supporting the widespread adoption of new energy vehicles. As part of this digital and intelligent transformation, charging piles are evolving towards high-power charging, energy interconnection, and orderly charging. Like modern-day “gas stations” for electric vehicles, charging piles face the challenge of meeting the demands of fast charging, resulting in increased heat generation from electronic components. JONES offers a dependable solution for heat conduction, sealing, and potting to address these challenges.

Charging piles employ various heat dissipation methods, including natural heat dissipation, forced air cooling, liquid cooling, and air conditioning. AC charging piles, which consist of a main control board housing heat-generating components like the main control and communication modules, primarily rely on natural heat dissipation. JONES tackles this by minimizing thermal resistance between the main control board and the aluminum shell using Thermal Interface Material (TIM). JONES offers different TIM options, such as Thermal Pad, Thermal Gel, Thermal Grease, and Phase Change Material (PCM), all of which exhibit low thermal resistance and excellent insulation properties. Furthermore, JONES also offers conformal coating solutions for PCB protection, featuring functions such as moisture resistance, insulation, and leak prevention, as well as customized CIPG or FIPG housing sealing solutions designed to match customer processes.

Comprehensive Solution for Charging Pile Heat Dissipation and Sealing

JONES provides a comprehensive solution to address the critical issues of heat dissipation and sealing in charging piles. As the demand for high-power charging and energy interconnection continues to grow, JONES remains dedicated to delivering reliable, high-quality products and outstanding customer service, contributing to the advancement of the new energy vehicle infrastructure.

Charging Pile Heat Conduction & Sealing Scheme

The reliability of charging cables, serving as the interface between the power source and the electric vehicle’s battery system, is crucial. These cables endure repeated insertions, removals, and mechanical collisions during gun head connections. To ensure robust performance, some gun heads are filled with thermally conductive potting glue for terminal fixation and wire connections. JONES offers cost-effective, high-performance potting adhesives that fully encapsulate cables and wires within charging connectors, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability for high-voltage components.

Comprehensive Solution for Charging Pile Heat Dissipation and Sealing

Charging Gun Potting

JONES takes pride in its independently researched and developed thermal interface materials, EMI materials, and adhesives. From initial development and design to supply chain management, production, and delivery, JONES maintains a customer-centric approach throughout the entire process. This commitment ensures product quality and exceptional after-sales technical support, granting customers peace of mind.