Nov 18, 2023 | Announcements

Innovative Thermal Management Solution For MR: JONES Empowering Market Expansion

Innovative thermal management solutions

The domains of Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) have witnessed rapid advancements in recent years. These technologies have found extensive applications across various sectors, including entertainment, education, healthcare, and industrial settings. As these markets continue to experience significant growth, the escalating demands for processing prowess and advanced graphics rendering capabilities have underscored the critical importance of efficient heat dissipation. This is particularly relevant as devices are pushed to perform optimally while adhering to lightweight design constraints. The amalgamation of these technologies has resulted in substantial heat generation during intensive computational tasks and intricate image processing, thereby accentuating the challenge of effective thermal management.

JONES Graphite Heat Dissipation Solution

In response to the thermal challenges presented by MR/VR/AR devices, where sustained chip heat and lightweight design demands converge, JONES’ 6-70 series synthetic graphite would be an ideal and efficacious solution. Engineered with remarkable thermal conductivity exceeding 1000W/m·K, it emerges as a compelling solution for heat dissipation in MR/AR/VR devices. Within these devices, JONES’ graphite products rapidly channels heat from chips to components like frames, ensuring uniform distribution and significantly boosting overall heat dissipation efficiency. This integration leverages JONES’ expertise, forging an innovative thermal management solution for these dynamic technologies.

JONES 6-70 series synthetic graphite products

JONES 6-70 series synthetic graphite products is derived from Polyimide film through high-temperature graphitization at over 2000 degrees Celsius. Its orderly atomic arrangement forms a lattice structure, enabling a surface thermal conductivity exceeding 1200W/m·K. This effectively eliminates local heat hotspots, swiftly distributing heat across the surface and enhancing heat transfer efficiency by expanding the dissipation area.

Conventional heat dissipators employ metals like aluminum and copper, with thermal conductivities around 100-400W/m·K. JONES’ synthetic graphite heat dissipation solution ingeniously blends synthetic graphite with traditional metal dissipators, introducing a pioneering breakthrough in the realm of thermal management.

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The Combination Comprises 3 Primary Methods

  1. Bonding the graphite surface to the heat dissipator using PSA(pressure-sensitive adhesive). This method is straightforward, cost-effective, but PSA might restrict heat dissipation efficiency.
  2. Employing thermal grease to fill the gap between the graphite and the dissipator. This method offers operational convenience and low thermal resistance but introduces some impact on cleanliness.
  3. Copper-plating the graphite surface and welding it onto the heat dissipator. Despite its complexity, this method achieves the lowest thermal resistance.

As the MR, AR, and VR markets continue to evolve, the critical role of heat dissipation materials in ensuring device performance, user experience, and device reliability is increasingly evident. The efficacy of heat dissipation design and material selection stands as an essential factor for the successful application of these cutting-edge technologies. With over two decades of experience in the heat dissipation field, JONES has been dedicated to continuous innovation in thermal management solutions and Functional Polymer Material technology. Currently, JONES’ synthetic graphite films and innovative integration solutions with traditional metal heat dissipators have been successfully implemented in the first-generation MR devices of JONES’ major clients.

JONES provides a comprehensive thermal management solutions, encompassing Graphite materials, TIM materials, Heat pipes(HP), Vapor chambers(VC), Thermal module, Liquid cooling plates design and manufacturing. By delivering more efficient heat dissipation design and material choices to emerging markets, JONES drives substantial momentum into industry development and offer steadfast and reliable support.

JONES 6-70 series synthetic graphite products