Alternative Energy

In the new energy power generation, variable frequency drive and power industry, system may occur intractable heat dissipation and EMC problems due to the conversion using high energy and high power. The 25-year lifetime requirement makes exceptionally high reliability requirements for the selected thermal materials. In response to this feature, JONES cooperates with well-known international companies to develop custom-made low-density graphite materials, which will provide proper solutions for better reliability, longer life and Low thermal resistance. In addition, large-scale energy changes also cause greater electromagnetic interference, which will affect the work of other electrical equipment in the power grid. Therefore, JONES’s filter materials, shielding materials, waterproof breathable valves and other sealing materials are developed for new energy industry to ensure that the system passes the standard tests of conducted emissions and radiated emissions and meets international/domestic electromagnetic compatibility standards.

graphite sheets

TIM low-density synthetic graphite sheet & natural graphite

200μm low-density synthetic graphite can be used as thermal interface material. Compared with traditional thermal grease, phase change material and thermal pad, synthetic graphite film has high thermal conductivity, stable quality and less aging problem. Low-density synthetic graphite films are supplied in sheet or die-cut form and are widely used in power electronics and communication equipment.

Waterproof breathable valve

Waterproof and breathable valve with a fine porous structure of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) waterproof and dustproof gas-permeable membrane to prevent water droplets, dust, fine debris, fine salt crystals, oil droplets and other chemicals while maintaining good air pressure balance difference between the inside of the housing and the environment in which it is located, thereby protecting the stress on the sealing strip and preventing its aging and failure. Suitable for telecommunication devices that operate in harsh environments, as well as telecommunication devices with built-in batteries.

water proof valve
conductive rubber material

Conductive rubber material

The conductive rubber material is a type of polymer material which is independently developed by our company by filling conductive particles in silicone rubber. It has good EMI shielding effect and excellent water/steam sealing and corrosion resistance. Thanks to the independently developed formulation, Jones’ conductive rubber products to have a wider operating temperature range and a longer service life. According to the customer’s specific application scenarios, JONES’s conductive rubber series can provide: compression molded gasket, extruded rubber strip, co-extruded conductive rubber strip, coated conductive rubber strip and so on.

Form in place

FIP conductive rubber gasket (form-in-place) can automatically dispense high-conductivity rubber on metal or plastic substrate to form EMI shielding gasket according to customer’s different design with computer-aided programming dispensing equipment.The gasket is made by filling different conductive particles in a silicone rubber. It has good elasticity and cured at a high temperature to form an electromagnetic and environmental sealing material. Our company can provide FIP materials with different packaging and different hardness according to different shielding performance requirements of customers, and can provide a total solution for conductive FIP products.

Form in place
fabric over foam

Fabric over foam

FOF consists of conductive fabric layer and foam core, which can be processed into various shapes. The compressibility and resilience of foam core can meet the requirements of low sealing force. It is widely used in EMI protection of electronic equipment’s housing and provides EMI shielding at the cabinet gap.

Molded rubber products

Jones can customize a variety of rubber molded products to meet the customer’s specific applications. By different formulas, material can be divided into conductive rubber and non-conductive rubber. These molded parts can be designed in complex shapes to provide effective electromagnetic shielding and environmental sealing.

molded rubber products
Thermal grease

Thermal grease

Thermal Grease is a thermally conductive composite that has better fluidity and can be applied on a heat source by dispensing, printing, etc., and is suitable for smaller gaps or zero gaps design. Thermal grease has a very low thermal resistance due to its very thin BLT.

Thermal pad

Thermal Pad is a thermal conductive composite material with a certain thermal conductivity and flexibility. It is mainly used for gap filling between semiconductor devices and heat sinks, and improves the transfer efficiency of the heat generated by semiconductorsvduring operation.

Thermal pad
heat pipe

Heat pipe

The heat pipe is a kind of heat-conducting material. It makes full use of the heat-conducting principle and the fast heat-transfer properties of the phase-change medium to quickly transfer the heat of the heating object to the outside. Its thermal conductivity of heat pipe exceeds that of any known metal.

Vapor chamber

Vapor Chamber is a vacuum cavity with a fine structure on the inner wall. The purpose of heat dissipation is achieved through the vaporization and condensation of the cooling liquid in the cavity, which is usually used for electronic products that require a small volume or need to quickly dissipate high heat.

Vapor chamber