Automobile will no longer be a simple travel tool, but will become an integral part of the smart city In the foreseeable future. Moreover, new energy vehicles will also become the mainstream in the future. Intelligent automotive electronic system will also be an important guarantee for improving the safety, comfort, economy and entertainment of cars. At the same time, as the automotive electronic system will carry more data communications and intelligent control terminals, higher requirements are placed on safety and reliability. JONES has mature thermal management material solutions and optimized EMC electromagnetic rectification programs in power battery pack, motor controlling unit (MCU), onboard power supplies, onboard displays and other entertainment systems as well as vehicle controllers of pure electric vehicles. JONES will provide solutions involving thermal conduction, heat sharing, thermal storage, wave filter, shielding, earthing, sealing, shock absorption and other series of products to help customers solve the problems related to safety and reliability of automotive electronic products.

Synthetic graphite sheet, multilayer graphite and natural graphite

Synthetic graphite sheet, multilayer graphite & natural graphite

The Vanoc synthetic graphite film adopts the internationally leading processing technology and has remarkable advantages such as high crystallinity and good lattice orientation. The product not only has high thermal conductivity, but also has good anisotropy—Thermal conductivity, in-plane 1800W/m-K, through-plane 15W/m-K. It is a good replacement to traditional heat spreading and thermal interface materials and has higher reliability. As a process-friendly material, Synthetic graphite has been widely usedin smart devices and a lot of wearables as a thermal diffusion material . it has also been widely used in industries with high reliability requirements such as communication equipment and power electronic equipment, as a thermal interface material.

Thermal pad

Thermal Pad is a thermal conductive composite material with a certain thermal conductivity and flexibility. It is mainly used for gap filling between semiconductor devices and heat sinks, and improves the transfer efficiency of the heat generated by semiconductorsvduring operation.

Thermal pad
Thermal gel

Thermal gel

Thermal GEL is a kind of thermal conductive composite with a certain fluidity, which can be applied to heat-generating devices by means of dispensing, with higher assembly efficiency and suitable for automated production lines. GEL-state thermal conductive products have lower thermal resistance, better compression set performance, less compressive stress, and are suitable for applications in which different heat-generating devices share a common heatsink.

Silicone parts

Jones can customize a variety of injection molded, compression molded and extruded rubber products to meet customers’ specific applications. With different fillers, material can be divided into conductive rubber and non-conductive rubber. It can be designed into complex shapes to provide effective EMI shielding and environmental sealing.

molded rubber products and silicone parts
die cut products

Die-cut products

Jones uses advanced die-cutting processes to produce a wide range of insulation materials, thermal materials, EMI shielding materials, shock-proof materials, special PSA tapes, electronic accessories, and other rubber and plastic products for the electronics industry.

Heat pipe

The heat pipe is a kind of heat-conducting material. It makes full use of the heat-conducting principle and the fast heat-transfer properties of the phase-change medium to quickly transfer the heat of the heating object to the outside. Its thermal conductivity of heat pipe exceeds that of any known metal.

heat pipe
water proof valve

Waterproof breathable valve

Waterproof and breathable valve with a fine porous structure of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) waterproof and dustproof gas-permeable membrane to prevent water droplets, dust, fine debris, fine salt crystals, oil droplets and other chemicals while maintaining good air pressure balance difference between the inside of the housing and the environment in which it is located, thereby protecting the stress on the sealing strip and preventing its aging and failure. Suitable for telecommunication devices that operate in harsh environments, as well as telecommunication devices with built-in batteries.

Vapor chamber

Vapor Chamber is a vacuum cavity with a fine structure on the inner wall. The purpose of heat dissipation is achieved through the vaporization and condensation of the cooling liquid in the cavity, which is usually used for electronic products that require a small volume or need to quickly dissipate high heat.

Vapor chamber