Data Processing

At the beginning of designing smart phones, tablets, VRs, laptops, unmanned aerial vehicles and other consumer products, the pursuit of speed, lightness and thinness is an eternal goal. With the application of advanced technologies such as big data computing and high-definition image processing, more thermal management issues and EMC shielding issues have arose. JONES provides integrated thermal management, EMC shielding and earthing materials for this type of products to ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical appliances and sensitive electronic components and ultimately improve user experience.

Synthetic graphite sheet, multilayer graphite and natural graphite

Synthetic graphite sheet, multilayer graphite & natural graphite

The Vanoc synthetic graphite film adopts the internationally leading processing technology and has remarkable advantages such as high crystallinity and good lattice orientation. The product not only has high thermal conductivity, but also has good anisotropy—Thermal conductivity, in-plane 1800W/m-K, through-plane 15W/m-K. It is a good replacement to traditional heat spreading and thermal interface materials and has higher reliability. As a process-friendly material, Synthetic graphite has been widely usedin smart devices and a lot of wearables as a thermal diffusion material . it has also been widely used in industries with high reliability requirements such as communication equipment and power electronic equipment, as a thermal interface material.

Thermal pad

Thermal Pad is a thermal conductive composite material with a certain thermal conductivity and flexibility. It is mainly used for gap filling between semiconductor devices and heat sinks, and improves the transfer efficiency of the heat generated by semiconductorsvduring operation.

Thermal pad
Thermal gel

Thermal gel

Thermal GEL is a kind of thermal conductive composite with a certain fluidity, which can be applied to heat-generating devices by means of dispensing, with higher assembly efficiency and suitable for automated production lines. GEL-state thermal conductive products have lower thermal resistance, better compression set performance, less compressive stress, and are suitable for applications in which different heat-generating devices share a common heatsink.

Thermal grease

Thermal grease is a thermally conductive composite material with a better fluidity used for smaller gap or zero gap. It can be placed on the heat-generating device by means of dispensing or printing etc. Thermal grease has an extremely low thermal resistance because its BLT is very small.

Thermal grease
water absorbing rubber

Wave absorbing rubber

The microwave absorbing rubber sheet is a functional polymer material independently developed by our company. Through adding absorbing particles in the elastomer, microwave absorbing rubber sheet has good electromagnetic wave absorption effect. Formulations are tuned according to the specified frequency ranges from 1 to 40 GHz through independently developed recipe adjustments. Depending on the customer’s specific application scenario, the absorbing materials range offers standard sheet and customized die cut shapes.

Fabric over foam

Fabric over foam, composed of a conductive layer and a foam core, can be processed into various shapes. The compressibility and resilience of foam core can meet the requirement for low closing force, so that it is widely applied to EMI shielding requirement for the gap between electronic device housing and cabinet. There is also all-round conductive foam (3D conductive foam), which has better mechanical properties than traditional FOF and can be punched into different shapes.

fabric over foam
Heat storage PCM

Heat storage PCM

Heat Storage PCM is a type of thermal management material with high heat storage, which consist of silicone matrix filled with microcapsulated powder.This material can be provided in different forms such as sheet, GEL and potting glue. Enthalpy value of Heat Storage PCM ranges from 100 to 160J/g with phase change material options of 37°C and 43°C。It is suitable for various application scenarios. Thermal storage phase change materials are widely used in microprocessors, chips and power module modules due to their high energy storage enthalpy.

Metal absorbing wave

The metal absorbing sheet is composed of a thin magnetic conductive material with high magnetic permeability and low loss, and has a small size effect and an interface effect peculiar to the nano crystal structure. It has stable reliability and a certain flexibility, and can acheive ideal magnetic isolation effect in a magnetic field.

metal absorbing wave
full conductive foam

Full-conductive foam

Three-way conductive foam—-Ni-plated PU foam provides good electrical conductivity while maintaining low compressive stress and high deformation characteristics. It is not limited to the outer conductive structure as that of traditional FOF gasket,can be designed according to the application required dimension without affecting the conductivity.

Heat pipe

The heat pipe is a kind of heat-conducting material. It makes full use of the heat-conducting principle and the fast heat-transfer properties of the phase-change medium to quickly transfer the heat of the heating object to the outside. Its thermal conductivity of heat pipe exceeds that of any known metal.

heat pipe
Vapor chamber

Vapor chamber

Vapor Chamber is a vacuum cavity with a fine structure on the inner wall. The purpose of heat dissipation is achieved through the vaporization and condensation of the cooling liquid in the cavity, which is usually used for electronic products that require a small volume or need to quickly dissipate high heat.

Form in place

FIP conductive rubber gasket (form-in-place) can automatically dispense high-conductivity rubber on metal or plastic substrate to form EMI shielding gasket according to customer’s different design with computer-aided programming dispensing equipment.The gasket is made by filling different conductive particles in a silicone rubber. It has good elasticity and cured at a high temperature to form an electromagnetic and environmental sealing material. Our company can provide FIP materials with different packaging and different hardness according to different shielding performance requirements of customers, and can provide a total solution for conductive FIP products.

Form in place
IP protective materials

IP protection materials

IP protection rubber gaskets, silicone rubber materials, which provides stable shape retention and seal resilience, as well as good high temperature resistance and weather resistance.