Thermal GEL (two parts) 21-335D-032-130G

Thermal GEL (two parts) 21-335D-032-130G

Series: 21-335D

Thermal GEL (two parts); 21-335D-032-130G:50CC

JONES Thermal Gel 21-335D is a two-part dispensable materials compounded with thermal conductive fillers and silicone matrix. It demonstrates high thermal conductivity,good thermal performance and high reliability. In addition to providing variable gap adaption, it will impart little and reduced stress on components during assembly.

JONES Thermal Gel 21-335D is ideal for applications that require a higher flow rate and easy reworking.

Characteristics And Advantages

  • Thermal Conductivity :3.5W/m·K
  • Minimal stress imparted to components during assembly
  • Easy for rework
  • Easily dispensable

Application Area

Telecommunication Hardware

Power Electronic Equipment

Automated Industry