6-70-0070PA 100_10m
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Synthetic Graphite 6-70-0070

Series: 6-70-0070 PA

Synthetic Graphite 6-70-0070 PA Width:100mm Length:10m

JONES synthetic graphite is an extremely light and flexible material synthesized from polymer precursor through high temperature heat treatment process. Derived from the crystal structure of graphite, JONES graphite features an anisotropic and overall high thermal conductance. It possesses unique functions such as eliminating hot spots, shielding components and reducing skin temperature of electronic devices. It is an ideal heat spreader for thermal management in limited space. 6-70-0070 is able to be supplied in rolls or die-cut form and can be laminated with plastics, foams and PSA.

Characteristics And Advantages

  • Anisotropic and over all high thermal conductivity
  • High thermally stability
  • Flexible and conformable
  • RoHS compliant

Application Area

Consumer Electronics