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Heat storage PCM

Heat Storage PCM is a type of thermal management material with high heat storage, which consist of silicone matrix filled with microcapsulated powder.This material can be provided in different forms such as sheet, GEL and potting glue. Enthalpy value of Heat Storage PCM ranges from 100 to 160J/g with phase change material options of 37°C and 43°C。It is suitable for various application scenarios. Thermal storage phase change materials are widely used in microprocessors, chips and power module modules due to their high energy storage enthalpy.

Characteristics and advantages

● It has high enthalpy energy storage, which can effectively alleviate the heating rate of equipment, eliminate the peak of heating and prolong the temperature control time

● Die-cutting friendly, meeting the requirements of small size space and light weight portable equipment

Obtain TDS

Application area

  • Smartphones and accessories

  • Tablet/laptop

  • Smart wearable device

  • Entertainment terminal equipment

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