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Synthetic graphite sheet, multilayer graphite and natural graphite

The Vanoc synthetic graphite film adopts the internationally leading processing technology and has remarkable advantages such as high crystallinity and good lattice orientation. The product not only has high thermal conductivity, but also has good anisotropy---Thermal conductivity, in-plane 1800W/m-K, through-plane 15W/m-K. It is a good replacement to traditional heat spreading and thermal interface materials and has higher reliability. As a process-friendly material, Synthetic graphite has been widely usedin smart devices and a lot of wearables as a thermal diffusion material . it has also been widely used in industries with high reliability requirements such as communication equipment and power electronic equipment, as a thermal interface material.

Characteristics and advantages

● Super-light and super-thin, ideal for weight control of products in portable smart devices

● Ultra-high thermal conductivity, good heat spreading, and rapid diffusion of heat in a small space

● High reliability, the material itself has been subjected to high temperature and high pressure treatment, and can maintain long-term product stability under normal operation environment

Flexibility for long-term heat transfer and heat transfer in between non-uniform planes

Obtain TDS

Application area

  • Smart phones

  • Tablets

  • Drone

  • Smart wearable devices

  • Network terminal equipment

  • Communication equipment

  • Power electronics

  • Laptops

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