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Waterproof breathable valve

Waterproof and breathable valve with a fine porous structure of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) waterproof and dustproof gas-permeable membrane to prevent water droplets, dust, fine debris, fine salt crystals, oil droplets and other chemicals while maintaining good air pressure balance difference between the inside of the housing and the environment in which it is located, thereby protecting the stress on the sealing strip and preventing its aging and failure. Suitable for telecommunication devices that operate in harsh environments, as well as telecommunication devices with built-in batteries.

Characteristics and advantages

● Good resistance to dust/water/salt fog

● Strong resistance to water pressure

● High reliability

● High standard air permeability

● Stable mechanical properties

Obtain TDS

Application area

  • New energy vehicles

  • Communication device

  • Security equipment

  • LED lighting equipment

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