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Conductive rubber material

The conductive rubber material is a type of polymer material which is independently developed by our company by filling conductive particles in silicone rubber. It has good EMI shielding effect and excellent water/steam sealing and corrosion resistance. Thanks to the independently developed formulation, Jones' conductive rubber products to have a wider operating temperature range and a longer service life. According to the customer's specific application scenarios, JONES's conductive rubber series can provide: compression molded gasket, extruded rubber strip, co-extruded conductive rubber strip, coated conductive rubber strip and so on.

Characteristics and advantages

● Good EMI shielding performance, 

● Excellent mechanical properties, 

● Good water/steam sealing performance and good corrosion resistance

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Application area

  • Medical equipment

  • New energy vehicles

  • Automation equipment

  • Telecommunications equipment

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