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Form in Place

FIP conductive rubber gasket (form-in-place) can automatically dispense high-conductivity rubber on metal or plastic substrate to form EMI shielding gasket according to customer's different design with computer-aided programming dispensing equipment.The gasket is made by filling different conductive particles in a silicone rubber. It has good elasticity and cured at a high temperature to form an electromagnetic and environmental sealing material. Our company can provide FIP materials with different packaging and different hardness according to different shielding performance requirements of customers, and can provide a total solution for conductive FIP products.

Characteristics and advantages

● Ultra-low volume resistance for excellent shielding performance

● Applicable to automated procedures to meet high-precision operational requirements

● Small space dispensing is available for small space application

● High temperature curing, high adhesion and resilience, ensuring high reliability for long-term use

Obtain TDS

Application area

  • Smart phone

  • Tablet

  • Laptop

  • Drone

  • Smart wearable device

  • Telecommunication equipment

  • Pluggable optical module

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