Thermal pad

Thermal pad is a thermally conductive composite material with a certain thermal conductivity and flexibility. It is mainly used for filling the gap between semiconductor device and radiator, so as improve the transmission efficiency of semiconductor device to generate excess heat during operation.

Characteristics and advantages

● High thermal conductivity

● Nature tacky or no sticky on carrier side
● RoHS Compliance
● 211 series offer high hardness for special application.
● 212 series offer low thermal contact resistance with various thermal conductivity
● 218 series offer ultra low stress at over 50% deflection.
● All products are available on fiber glass carrier with suffix F and single side tacky with suffix A

Obtain TDS

Application area

  • Smart phone

  • Tablet

  • Drone

  • Network terminal equipment    

  • Smart wearable device

  • Communication equipment

  • Power electronics

  • Laptop

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